Portable Travel Pee Bags (700ML)
Portable Travel Pee Bags (700ML)
Portable Travel Pee Bags (700ML)
Portable Travel Pee Bags (700ML)

Portable Travel Pee Bags (700ML)

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Travelling is always exciting, but holding your pee during a long road trip is ultimate desperation…Pick our Road Trip Pocket Toilet and stop torturing yourself now!

Keep your 24-hour car fresh, neat & stain-free - Features a hermetically sealed flip-top lid that perfectly prevents leaks, spills and odor.


  • Instantly Absorb Liquid within 45 Seconds

Our disposal urine bag is equipped with SAP water-absorbing polymer substance that can absorb urine, vomit, or other liquid waste and turns it into odorless, spill-proof gel. And it can instantly absorb the liquid into gel within 45 seconds.

  • 700ML for Unisex Use

Our disposable urinal bag is designed with a capacity of 700 ml, you can even use it 2xs or until its full. They are unisex design for Men Women Kids Children Patient to use.

  • Leak-proof & Eco- friendly

This disposable pee bag is made of safe impervious PE material and designed with a sealed zipper that locks in liquids, sealable even upside down, prevents leaks, and prevents odors.

  • Easy to Use & Portable

Just open the pee bag and use it, the curved design on both sides allow you to operate it with one hand. It is foldable and compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, handbag or vehicle glove box.

  • Multiple Use

These bags serve as disposable pee bags or vomit bags when you are in traffic jams, seasickness, motion sickness and airsickness. Great for babies, pregnant women or patients who need it.


  • Color: grey
  • Capacity: 700ml


  • 1/4/8/12 × Portable Travel Pee Bags (700ML)